Config Insights For Jira (CIFJ)

What is CIFJ about

The relationships between Jira artifacts create a high degree of complexity.

As a Jira administrator or developer, you probably asked yourself questions such as:

  • What projects are using this custom field
  • Can I delete this custom field, issue type, workflow, screen or scheme without affecting functionality?
  • Can I change the context of this custom field, and how can I do it without affecting areas of Jira that are already using it.
  • How can I depict artifacts that are redundant or not used such as custom fields, issue types, steps in workflows, schemes and workflows and clean up Jira in a single bulk delete

While one can figure out the answer to all of these questions by first visiting several Jira administration pages and mentally aggregating the relationships between artifacts, one would surely appreciate if all this information could be available in a single view.

CIFJ derives all the relationship, and display in single views the way each artifact is associated with each project.

It allows bulk deletion of artifacts and provides links to Jira pages containing details about those artifacts.

For a more comprehensive understanding of CIFJ capabilities visit the Documentation page.

CIFJ provides the Jira administrator with the tools to understand, visualise and clean Jira configuration saving a significant amount of time and effort as well as allowing the administrator to reduce the amount of storage space and improve performance overall.