Source Code License Agreement

This source code license agreement is by and between Simitech Ltd. (Software Provider) and The User of the Software (Licensee).

This agreement shall begin on the date the Licensee is using the Software provided by the Software Provider.

This agreement covers the access and use of the source code for the following software, hereafter known as the “Software”.

Network Vulnerability Analyzer

Config Insights for Jira


Throughout this agreement, “Software” shall be defined as all source codes, object codes, link libraries, utility programs, project files, scripts related to the software listed above.

The Software shall remain the intellectual property of the Software Provider at all times.


Unless prior written consent has been obtained from the Software Provider, the following shall not be allowed.

  • The distribution of any source codes, header files, make files, or libraries of the software.
  • The software should not be merged, compiled, or copied unless expressed in this agreement.
  • Alteration or removal of any notices in or on the software or within the documentation included within the software.
  • Any distribution of the software by the Licensee that is not conducted with approval from the Software Provider.
  • Disclosure of any source codes pertaining to the software to any additional parties not included in this agreement.
  • The Licensee shall not disassemble, decompile or reverse engineer any object code contained within the software.
  • The number of licenses being used may at no point and time be more than the number of licenses purchased.


All software included in this source code license agreement as well as all documentation included with said software is provided in an “as is” condition.

The Software Provider makes no guarantee as to the source code’s performance once it has been accepted by the Licensee.


Under no circumstances will either party or their representatives be liable to each other for any incidental, consequential, or indirect damages including but not limited to lost or damaged data, revenue loss, economic loss, or commercial loss arising out of a breach of any terms and conditions set forth in this source code license agreement.

This limitation of liability shall apply regardless of if the alleged breach is a fundamental breach or fundamental term.

Term & Termination

While the term of this agreement may be perpetual, this agreement may terminate immediately in the event any breach occurs of the terms and conditions listed herein.

In the event of termination the Licensee must destroy any and all copies of the Software as well as the included documentation.


The Licensee agrees to hold the Software Provider harmless as well as defend the Software Provider from any and all damages, costs, and liabilities that take place from a lawsuit due to any of the following

  • Product Distribution
  • Breach of Contract
  • Software installation


No terms or conditions on this agreement shall be modified or replaced without the written consent of both parties.

Written Notice

Any and all notifications with regard to this source code license agreement shall be delivered by email to the address listed below.

Software Provider: